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postheadericon Alexandria Devine Interview


One of my good buddies, business partner and fellow stoners is the sexy Alexandria Devine. I have been lucky enough to shoot her a bunch of times now for her site and her clips4sale store. Each time we get ready to shoot we get super blazed and just shoot whatever we can come up with.. Here is a little more about her!

1. Name and stats please
Alexandria Devine: Slutty 420 Jedi Princess <3 who enjoys making smut and being a dirty little whore.

2. How long have you been enjoying 420?
I have been smoking regularly since I was 13ish

3. Favorite way to smoke?
A nice fat bleezy is my fav

4. Whats your favorite memory of smoking 420?
I have so many great memories of blazing with my friends in different cities and having a good time it’s hard to choose one of them as my favorite.

5. Do you enjoy having sex while stoned?
I do for sure before and after getting fucked really good!

6. Ever get stoned with your fans? Ever hookup with anyone while blazing off camera?
Yep I have smoked with fans on occasion. Cant say I have any hookup stories with fans though…not yet anyway ;)

7. Whats the most stoned you have ever been?
Well this one time I smoked a few blunts with a friend while driving around Phoenix and when I went to park in my friends driveway i forgot to put the car in park. I actually didnt realize it until I got out of the car as the car was rolling down the driveway into a plastic garbage bin. I ran down the driveway jumped back in the car while my friend just sat laughing his ass off.

8. Do you masturbate stoned?
Duh! Everyday on hehe!

9. Ever been in trouble for being stoned?
No serious trouble only dumb stoner moments.

10. Any favorite strain of weed?
Im such a weed slut give me something tasty and Ill enjoy it!

11. Do you have any rituals for smoking out?
Pack. Light. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

12. When was the 1st time you got stoned?
I was 10 with some older girls from Cali that were visiting their aunt in Phoenix. We went to a park and 5 of us shared a joint. It was very peaceful and enjoyable.

13. Favorite munchies?
Hot Cheetos and Diet Orange soda= Classy Combo

14. Funniest/stupidest thing you have ever done stoned?
Well I do pretty silly shit on the reg I guess youd have to ask my friends for some embarrassing stories. lol

15. Oddest thing you have ever smoked from? Ever have to McGyver a piece to smoke from?
An inhaler! When I was 13 me and a friend made an inhaler into a pipe it served its purpose in more ways than one!

16. Favorite person or people to smoke with? Why?
I love smoking with my family and long time friends the most because there is a sense of familiarity and camaraderie.

17. What was your BESTEST smoking session?
Um smoking with BluntBros duh! ;) [Kiss ass!]

18. How good do you think you are at rolling blunts on a 1-10 scale?
Id have to say an 8. Im even in a book that features models rolling!

19. If you could smoke with anyone who would it be and why?
Well this is a tough question if it has to be someone living then I would have to go with Willie Nelson because hes famous for being a hardcore lover of 420 and I know he has got to have some bomb green after all he is kind of a legend!

20. Does getting stoned make fucking more fun? Does it improve your orgasms for you?
Yes and yes Im able to really let go and cum easier vs being sober.

21. Favorite song while stoned? Favorite band?
I dont have a favorite song to get stoned to but, I really love NIN and the Beatles both are very good while high!

22. Do you celebrate 4/20? What did you do last 4/20?
I smoke on 4/20 but I dont do anything too crazy. I wish I could remember last 4/20…

23. Has being stoned ever ruined or been bad for a shoot?
Psshhh yea right being stoned only improves my mood and sex drive!

24. Whats your favorite thing to do while baked?
Go on stoner adventures! You never know what might happen…

25.. How can fans find you? Anything else to add?
Tweet me! @alexandriadxxx
Spoil me:


postheadericon Oh Yes! Alexandria Devine

Oh Yes! I got to spend the day shooting (haha) with Alexandria Devine and all her latina sexyness the other day.. Good times were had and we actually got some work done for her site. Working with her was kinda odd tho; the more stoned she got the better she got on camera BUT then its impossible to get the motivation to keep going!! Oh well! Got enough done anyway..

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