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postheadericon Sexy @greeneyed9 Smoking Out & Other Stoner News

Hey sexy stoners! Sorry for the recent lag in updates again! Shits been hectic, but I have been doing some behind the scenes goodies for you all.

1st of all we now have an official Stoner Facebook page you should all pop over and LIKE.

B. We have added a page at the top for all our Exclusive Sexy Stoner stuff.   We have also been working with a couple badass Pornstar Stoners taking pictures and vids.  Also a couple Stoner Camgirls have been sending in things to post up we will get up soon-ish!  (fucking stoners!)  They are all Bad Bitches!

#5.  We got up our Stoner Tweets page.  Its a always updating list of what stoners talk about on twitter.   Sometimes its pretty funny to watch and reply to when on some Good Green!  We also have a list of friends of the site stoner tweets featured on the front page now too since they are the dank peeps that keep this place high.

Umm thats about it but it sure seemed like more before!  There was some other maintenance type shit too..
Anyway.. Now to the good shit!  Sexy Big Booty friend of the site GreenEyed sent over what we hope is a regular video series of her smoking some good weed and being the bad bitch she is!  In this installment she smokes some nice looking Strawberry Lemon Haze!  Enjoy the video and check out the sexy videos on her site! 

*Video:bad bitch greeneyed smoking good weed


Thats it for now.. More updates soon! Now be pal and click an ad below or to the left to help support the site 6 cents at a time! I am trying to save up for an eighth of some good weed! ;/  


postheadericon GreenEyed & Her Banana OG

Very good friend of the site GreenEyed sent over a sexy little video of her smoking some dank looking Banana OG and shaking her nice ass. If you like sexy stoners w/ GREAT asses then I HIGHLY recommend checking out more of this hottie on her site:!

*Video:camgirl greeneyed

postheadericon GreenEyed Interview

Ohh DANK!  Here is the 1st of hopefully an ongoing series of interviews with some hotties that get naked and smoke out.  GreenEyed hit me up on twitter wanting to get interviewed and once I took a look at her site and her booty there was no way I could say no!  Hot damn did I mention her booty? 

1. Name and stats please

Kaylie but everyone calls me Green Eyed! I’m a 23 year old booty shaker and cam girl in Nor Cal. I love getting high. I don’t take life to seriously but I am driven to succeed and be a whooty sensation!

2. How long have you been enjoying 420?

I got high for the first time in 11th grade with some friends.

3. Favorite way to smoke?

I have an awesome bong! I really love Cyclone blunts. I also enjoy my bubbler and Hurricane bong! There is no bad way to smoke :)

4. Whats your favorite memory of smoking 420?

I love blunt rides and getting super fucked up sipping on an iced coffee looking at the scenery.

5. Do you enjoy having sex while stoned?

I absolutely love it! Weed makes me super horny. I love caressing and fucking my lover after a good smoke sesh.

6. Whats the most stoned you have ever been?

One night I passed out on the floor with a bag of oreos :)

7. Ever been in trouble for being stoned?

people give me looks sometimes or tell me i look very tired lol but nothing bad has happened

8. Any favorite strain of weed?

Juicy Jack is my current fave!

9. Do you have any rituals for smoking out?

One of my favorites I came up with is the Walrus. You smoke two blunts at once and the blunts hanging out of your mouth look like Walrus tusks!

10. When was the 1st time you got stoned?

in high school with some friends. i kept saying my name over and over and laughing. the first time i smoked “headies” lol i cried into a couch i had never been that stoned before.

(Masturbation breakmmmhmm  Yum!)

11. Favorite munchies?

oh wow so many- i love jack in the box mini funnel cakes, caramel bugles, french fries, taco bell, iced coffees, etc.

12. Oddest thing you have ever smoked from? Ever have to McGyver a piece to smoke from?
I tried to smoke out of a pomegranate once lol…

13. Favorite person or people to smoke with? Why?

my man cause he rocks!

14. What was your BESTEST smoking session?

Thanksgiving 2009 my man and I smoked a Gigacone throughout the day booooy was I fucked up!

15. How good do you think you are at rolling blunts on a 1-10 scale? and why?

I don’t roll blunts I usually use the pre-rolled. Time saver!

16. If you could smoke with anyone who would it be and why?

Lil Wayne because I love him. I would let him blow me shotguns all night.

17. Does getting stoned make fucking more fun? Does it improve your orgasms for you?

Yes i think it tunes me in more to my body and my true desires.

18. Favorite song while stoned? Favorite band?

My favorite stoner song is The Weed Song by Bone Thugs. I also love Collie Buddz “Mary Jane” it’s made me cry before when i was hella baked lol

19. Do you celebrate 4/20? What did you do last 4/20?

yes i got high and made a video for my site

20. Whats your favorite thing to do while baked?

watch funny television shows, take a walk, munch out, snuggle, make up crazy shit in my head, lay in the sun, pretty much everything is better baked :)

21. How can fans find you?

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