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postheadericon Gigi Rivera

One of the HUGE pluses of my job is that I do get to hang aroound with some of the hottest stoner pornstars around. One of them that is a friend is the cute and sexy Gigi Rivera. Gigi is a supersexy little thing that is always a good time to chill with and ALWAYS down to roll a fat blunt or smoke a bowl.  And let me just say… This girl knows how to smoke!  

One of the best times is when I shoot both Gigi and her girlfriend Tegan Summers together for thier sites in this scene.  The scene is all natural of them just goofing around dancing and having a great time, then getting into some seriously hot girl/girl action.  and TRUST me, there was lots of bowls smoked that day before and after.  

Anyway.. Enough bullshit..  Here is a hot little video I yanked from her site of her smoking out and showing off her oh so very sweet little body!

Also here are a few pictures of her off my cell I have taken of Gigi since I have known her…  (surprizingly I had very few solo nudes on my phone of her, so I added in a few from her site too!)

postheadericon Baking Baked

To bake or not to bake (while baked)… That is the question. Baking, at least for me, requires much patience. Patience I would never have if it wasn’t for my precious Maryjane. Whenever I bake, while being not baked, my goodies get burned or somehow or another ruined. BUT… when I bake. while being baked, then all of a sudden, I have all the patience in the world. I mean, even when I try to rush, while baked, it’s almost impossible. I can only concentrate on one specific thing at a time, so it’s a good way to bake and get great goodie results in return.
I begin by taking a few hits from my awesome bubbler, then a few more… and a few more… I clear my bubbler and then pack it again and start the process over. After I finish my two bowls (sometimes three), I go into the kitchen to start getting my ingredients together so I don’t leave anything out. I double and sometimes triple check my list of ingredients. God forbid I leave out the eggs or the sugar… or worse of all, the magic Maryjane oil – AAAHHHHH!!! Let’s not even think about it. What would magic brownies be with no magic oil? Just brownies… Let’s leave those for the people who don’t get baked while baking. After ensuring I have all I need to bake my goodies, I make sure I have plenty of work space so that when I mix my ingredients, I don’t interfere with my mixing, due to potential hazards, such as knocking over a glass or a package of flour or sugar, which let me tell you, can be pretty distracting, and trying to clean that up, HIGH… Well let’s just say, it’s not something you want to have to do. So I mix my ingredients slowly (and for at least 5 minutes), as to ensure the batter is smooth and lump free. Once I have my batter and it is ready to be baked, I spray my pans with Pam baking spray (smells super yummy btw) and then pour my batter. I go to put my tray into the oven, but then realize I forgot to preheat the over. I turn it on, wait ten minutes (kill some time by smoking some more) then stick in my tray in. About 30-40 minutes later, depending what I am baking, (at this point I myself am already completely baked, since the entire 30-40 minutes, I have been wasting no time and have had my bubbler bubbling), it’s time to check the goodies (which is around the same time I realize I have the munchies). If done, I take the goodies out of the oven, and let them cool just enough that I only get a 1st or 2nd degree burn on my tongue and not a 3rd degree burn. I pour a glass of ice cold milk (spilling everywhere) and enjoy more of my goodies. And that is how this Baked Baker likes to bake!
Well stoners with boners and babes with boobies… enjoy your baked goodies, especially when you’re already baked (you can enjoy them so much better that way). Until you read again, sex and titty lovers! ~ Baked Baker

postheadericon Tegan Summers – Hot Damn!

The last couple days I have been lucky enough to hang out with the one and only VERY HOT stoner Tegan Summers. She is a uber-dank babe that LOVES her green as much as the Blunt Brothers themselves do. These pics are from over a couple days of hanging out with her here and there and on set. They are all cellphone pics so not always the best but I am sure you can deal with them just by knowing how hot she is. Enjoy!

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