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postheadericon Daisy Dare Interview and Stoned Pictures!

Daisy Dare Bad Bitches Good Weed

Daisy Dare is a little waif cutie that I met over twitter and got the chance to smoke out with. I asked her to do a stoner photo shoot for the site & an interview and to my delight she did both. She is such a stoner she even named her new puppy irie calikush. Ya gotta love that!

1. Name and stats please
I am the one and only Daisy Dare! The Nike of porn.. or so I say.

2. How long have you been enjoying 420?
Since I was a wee nugget. (12)

3. Favorite way to smoke?
Bongs, the bigger the better. Though I do love me a well rolled blunt. Honey Blunt anyone?

4. Whats your favorite memory of smoking 420?
My 18th birthday, a bunch of my friends and I skipped school to smoke some of the bombast shit I have still yet to see again. Geometro style, jizzy jellybean of a car. Smoked around all of Ohio while two ppl were sleeping, passed out in the back. Happy Birthday ME!

5. Do you enjoy having sex while stoned?
I love sex at all times, but stoned is best.

6. Ever get stoned with your fans? Yes, I have gotten stoned with a lot of fans! Some bring me little weed gifts. Packed up apple to smoke and then eat. That was a fun one.

7. Whats the most stoned you have ever been?
While I was in CA I got really stoned with a friend and when I was looking in the mirror I forgot I had a tattoo on my arm and thought I was bleeding. It was sorta scary but not in a bad way.

8. Do you masturbate stoned?
When am I not stoned? And due to that fact, ohhh why yes I have masturbated stoned.

9. Ever been in trouble for being stoned?
When I was 15 some cops thought I was a runaway and searched my shit. Found some bud, they were not pleased. But I wasn’t the runaway so.. they let me go.

10. Any favorite strain of weed?
Indica – Fire OG, shits bomb as hell.

11. Do you have any rituals for smoking out?
Mullholland drive. Best burn cruise!

12. When was the 1st time you got stoned?
Bong hits with my step brother. Oh lordy…

13. Favorite munchies?
Nachos and slurpeessss

14. Funniest/stupidest thing you have ever done stoned?
My friend was trying to learn driving stick in a Chevy Colbalt. We spun out on an S turn and she was driving a little too fast. Scary but hilarious. Death ride.

15. Oddest thing you have ever smoked from?
Ever have to McGyver a piece to smoke from? A blunt holding steamroller from a Gatorade bottle.

16. Favorite person or people to smoke with?
My best friends J

17. What was your BESTEST smoking session?
Eazy E smoke session. On his grave here in LA. Epic.

18. How good do you think you are at rolling blunts on a 1-10 scale?
I’d say 5, but that’s cause I always have my bitches roll them for me.

19. If you could smoke with anyone who would it be and why?
I would love to smoke out with Tech Nine cause he’s my favorite rapper and I know he’s got the K-town bud.

20. Does getting stoned make fucking more fun?
Does it improve your orgasms for you? I smoke a lot so, I can’t really tell. It’s sorta just my norm.

21. Favorite song while stoned? Favorite band?
Purple Kush – Living Legends FB- Head PE

22. Do you celebrate 4/20? What did you do last 4/20?
Yes! Went to a party at a friends house entitled “Clits, Tits and Bong Hits”. It was out of hand. Stip Dance revolution on Xbox… I mean dance dance… sorta.

23. Has being stoned ever ruined or been bad for a shoot?
No, though I only smoke on set if it’s allowed. I never presume it’s ok to do it without prior knowledge. It is not my set, not my place to decide.

24. Whats your favorite thing to do while baked?
Shopping! For food and sex toys.

25.. How can fans find you? Anything else to add?
My fans can find me on twitter @Thedaisydare on (Daisy Dare), and my blog spot. You can find me all overrrr. Come say hello! Smoke a bowl with me cuz im better than a blonde babe and better than Beyonce x)-~


Daisy is also launching her new website which will be a website about her favorite things, Weed and Food!


postheadericon Sexy @greeneyed9 Smoking Out & Other Stoner News

Hey sexy stoners! Sorry for the recent lag in updates again! Shits been hectic, but I have been doing some behind the scenes goodies for you all.

1st of all we now have an official Stoner Facebook page you should all pop over and LIKE.

B. We have added a page at the top for all our Exclusive Sexy Stoner stuff.   We have also been working with a couple badass Pornstar Stoners taking pictures and vids.  Also a couple Stoner Camgirls have been sending in things to post up we will get up soon-ish!  (fucking stoners!)  They are all Bad Bitches!

#5.  We got up our Stoner Tweets page.  Its a always updating list of what stoners talk about on twitter.   Sometimes its pretty funny to watch and reply to when on some Good Green!  We also have a list of friends of the site stoner tweets featured on the front page now too since they are the dank peeps that keep this place high.

Umm thats about it but it sure seemed like more before!  There was some other maintenance type shit too..
Anyway.. Now to the good shit!  Sexy Big Booty friend of the site GreenEyed sent over what we hope is a regular video series of her smoking some good weed and being the bad bitch she is!  In this installment she smokes some nice looking Strawberry Lemon Haze!  Enjoy the video and check out the sexy videos on her site! 

*Video:bad bitch greeneyed smoking good weed


Thats it for now.. More updates soon! Now be pal and click an ad below or to the left to help support the site 6 cents at a time! I am trying to save up for an eighth of some good weed! ;/  


postheadericon Welcome Toxic Lunch

I wanna welcome new writer ToxicLunch to the site!  He hit me up to do some writing on the site and when I read his review of BlueDream on his site I was sold!  - Rev


My name is Toxic Lunch from I love women, food, traveling, weed and writing. Mixed together, you’ve got my idea of perfection.

I’ve been a journalist in three countries, smoked marijuana in more than five and have cooked in two. I don’t consider myself a ganja or food critic as much as an advisor. I’m passionate about my work; therefore I don’t tolerate ignorance or stupidity. No compromise!

As you can see I also dabble in photography, mainly photojournalism. The rest of the time I point my lens toward beauty in an attempt to capture it. The visual prisoner smoking a blunt of Puerto Rican homegrown in this set goes by the name of Xio. A bad ass chick who smokes blunts by day and rips bongs at night!

Like it? There’s more where that came from….but that’s for another day and spliff!




postheadericon A Bag of Weed – Family Guy

OK.. I was watching whats trending on twitter as I normally do when the term “A Bag Of Weed” started trending much to my excitement!  As I type this is in the #4 spot Worldwide and about the same in the US and all major cities.   I could not figure out what the reference was initially then I sat down to smoke my evening bowl and watch Family Guy  and WHAM! (the sound not the bad 80′s band) whats the episode about????  Legalizing weed in Quahog!!  How have I never seen this one before?!?!  Anyway..  Here is the video from the show for all to enjoy!  Smoke a bowl and have a laugh!


postheadericon @Charismaxxx Music Video – 1st BluntBros Production!

BluntBrothers Productions 1st Production!

We are PROUD to present our very 1st actual production!  Its a hot little music video for the song Marijuana by Kid Cudi featuring Charisma Cappelli!  I posted the official version of the video a few weeks ago since I liked it so much.  The song really fits a stoner mood perfectly and when the chance came up to shoot Charisma I could not think of a better song to put her video to!  Her & I had a BLAST shooting this video and it took 2x times longer then it “should” have taken since we just had to keep packing more bowls.  Enjoy!  Let me know what you think!

*Video:charisma cappelli kid cudi marijuana 420

hehe notice the video length is even 4:20!

postheadericon GreenEyed & Her Banana OG

Very good friend of the site GreenEyed sent over a sexy little video of her smoking some dank looking Banana OG and shaking her nice ass. If you like sexy stoners w/ GREAT asses then I HIGHLY recommend checking out more of this hottie on her site:!

*Video:camgirl greeneyed

postheadericon Katt Williams – Weed remix by DJ Steve Porter

The original Pimp Chronicles is always a stoners favorite.  Katt Williams is funny as hell in his rant about weed in it.  NOW add in a badass video remix by DJ Steve Porter and you have GOLD!  Enjoy!

postheadericon Kid Cudi Marijuana Video

Starring Kid Cudi, directed,shot and edited by Shia LaBeouf,produced by Lorenzo Eduardo..

Gotta support an artist that has a whole totally chill song about smoking weed and shot a video about it while over at the Cannabis Cup.  I am not a fan of Shia acting but sweet he likes the green also.


postheadericon My Name is Percy, I am A stoner, I am Ganja Ninja

Up until now the Brother’s Blunt have  brought you nothing but tits and grass, smartly giving the people what they want.  Tit and grass are  what bring most of us to this site  daily.  As a fellow lover of boobies and buds  I have to admit I really have no complaints so when the Siblings of Smoke came to the door of the NINJA SHACK, high atop the hills of Hollywood,  naturally this Blazin’ Asian, pulled out the Bong-Chuks ready for a haze-filled evening only to learn the Brothers’ had much bigger plans.

(Let me pause to acknowledge, once again,  that  you have come here for the tits! I agree.  Perhaps the Boy’s would be so kind as to insert a few photos they have of girls and weed into this post at the designated spots.  Such as right now):

It’s a commercial break for my favorite sleeping products: DIRTY PILLOWS!

Back at the Shack, we left our hero (me) with the Blunt Brothers. What did they want? Why had they come if not for a smoke-out?! Did I owe them money? It’s possible the Ninja got fronted a few bags and forgot to pay The Man (I always tell the dealer, “The weed was so good I forgot I owed you money….three weeks straight!”) .

“We want you to write for the blog,” came a soft and serene voice.  “Why are you  cowering in the corner and brandishing a whisk like a sword? “

“I HAVE NO MONEY,” I shrieked, it’s possible there was more than just weed to be had that day. Earlier my cowboy friend JIM had stopped in, BEAMing from ear to ear, till I cracked his head open and drank his liquidy insides.

“GN’s drunk again,” the Brother’s confirmed.

I don’t remember what happened next.

I woke up in bed the next morning, feeling like I’d spent a night on the Jersey Shore jerking off while inhaling mescaline and watching Snooki blow the guy with the big hair while the chick with the huge breasts fucks him deliverance-style with a strap-on, all the while the Situation hugs his knees on a nearby beach chair whilst pissing himself and puking a tidal wave of red bull and vodka.

When I was finally sober enough to open my eyes and peel myself out of bed I stumbled into the shower and  quickly rubbed one out (GANJA NINA HANGOVER CURE: Jerk off as much as possible the morning of the hangover, especially in the shower) and made some coffee  before heading to the computer to check out some porn and continue to beat my Bishop like he had  raped an alter boy.  That was when I saw the note on my desk, scrawled in the unmistakable print of  the Blunt Brother’s.

Dear Ganja Ninja,

You were pretty fucked up last night when we came by so we wrote down the good news, then smokes a fat-blunt with you before rolling you up in your sheets and dropping you onto that stank bug-barn you claim is your mattress.

The good new is this: We want you to write for the blog. We think that you have a….unique viewpoint that cannot be copied yet must not be contained within this horrible shack you’ve banished yourself to.  We had the original idea of setting up hidden-webcams all over your home and just waiting to see what self destruction you brought upon yourself. In fact, we still might set up the hidden cameras but in the meantime here is a username and password for the site. Log in, post your thoughts. It will be great to watch you struggle with humanity in a public forum.

Best of luck,


The webcam thing was obviously a joke. I know this now after seventeen exhausting hours of searching every inch of the Ganja Shack, even the 110 degree attic.  Also a joke was this notion that somehow anyone would want to hear what I had to say but then I quickly realized it had been hours since I last toked and smoke and perhaps once I was I hads me spinach I would find the courage to blog my brains out.

The result of that session was this introduction. I was hoping that in writing all of this I would have found some kind of theme or notion to hold onto week in and week out. It appears instead, I will get massively fucking stoned on the weekend and write my fucking heart out until I run out of steam or I get hungry or have to poop or something.

There you have it. Once a week I promise to take you into the  Mind of a Cannabis  Consuming, Black-Belt –Wearing,  writer and struggling time-machine inventor.

…or at the very least I’ll show you a lot of tits.

Next time……WEED ETTIQUETTE (YES, there are rules)

postheadericon From Beneath the Smoke Screen….

….ganja ninja strikes!

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